Aluminium Foil and Resource Efficiency

From foil wrappers and household foil to semi-rigid foil containers and laminated foil pouches, aluminium foil applications offer a versatile range of packaging solutions to meet today’s sustainability challenges.

The physical properties of aluminium foil, such as the absolute barrier effect, lead to more protection and longer shelf-lives for the product contents, as well as better preservation of their nutritional and health benefits. The net result: less food waste or greater Resource Efficiency.

Also, less use of resources results in a reduction in the overall environmental impact and improved profitability. In summary: Better packaging ultimately saves resources or MORE IS LESS.

This list of some of the unique characteristics of aluminium foil expands to give examples of how these properties provide resource (and energy) efficient solutions.

Health and Safety
Product to Pack Ratio
Carbon Footprint
Material and space efficiency
Mechanical Properties
Thermal conductivity
Electrical conductivity
Multi-mode cooking