Recycling & Recovery of Aluminium Foil Packaging

Increasing collection and recycling/recovery rates for aluminium foil and alufoil packaging means that an equivalent quantity of primary (i.e. virgin) aluminium will not be required by the industry. This represents a significant energy saving as processing recycled aluminium requires 95% less energy than the equivalent quantity of primary metal produced from bauxite.

Aluminium packaging, including aluminium foil applications, are increasingly collected and recycled. In Europe, the average recycling rate of aluminium packaging (i.e. packaging with aluminium dominant material) is estimated at 65%

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Links to national aluminium packaging recycling organisations are listed here.

An explanatory note on Aluminium Foil & Recycled Content is downloadable here.

For better understanding we have visualized the content of the explanatory note on Aluminium Foil & Recycled Content in five charts.

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