Meat, Poultry and Fish

In the packaging of fresh and processed meat, poultry and fish products, aluminium foil offers a great many solutions. The consumer is increasingly looking for the convenience, quality and hygiene which alufoil can deliver.

As a barrier in flexible laminates, alufoil is vital for the long-term quality of sterilised pouches and sachets. It is also used for the hygienic retail packaging of fresh fish sold over-the-counter in Europe’s supermarkets.

Retailers have discovered the advantages of ready-to-cook packs featuring trimmed fresh meat and poultry cuts and fish in sealed alufoil containers. Another success for alufoil containers is their use for the processing and marketing of pâtés and prepared meat recipes.

There are a great many formats to choose from, all delivering the product in top condition:

Meat and Fish Packaging
‘Ready to roast’ and fresh produce packaging  
Smoothwall containers for heat-processed products
Pouches and sachets for preserved meat
Peel-off closures