As a robust and non-corrosive material, aluminium foil has played a keyrole in the packaging of dairy products. Alufoil helps to retain essential quality, condition and taste until the moment of use.

More detailed information about the LCA of "Butter" and "Yoghurt" can be found here.

Milk, cream and yoghurt in beverage cartons
Lidding for dairy products

Cheese packaging

The packaging requirements of cheeses vary according to their individual characteristics. Not all cheeses benefit from being wrapped in an impervious, light and moisture-proof material and some require gas permeability for successful ripening.

Processed cheese portions
Soft cheeses
Cheeses in foil containers
Heat-sealed caps and diaphragms for milk drinks

Butter Wraps

As well as reducing the nutritional value of a dairy product such as butter or a vegetable fat, photo-oxidation caused by UV light spoils flavour and appearance. An alufoil wrapper stops this damage. Also, the extra feel and look of quality that a laminated foil/paper wrap brings to the pack ensures outstanding shelf display.

Dairy desserts in alufoil containers