Alufoil containers can perform in a wide variety of formats and situations. Whether it is for domestic, retail or food service environments these containers and trays offer reliable and flexible options to suit the situation. Strength to weight ratios are excellent and they can be used with confidence in hot or cold environments. Transfers from one state, such as frozen, to fully heated can be achieved without the need to transfer the contents – even for microwave options. So solids and semi-liquids can be handled with ease.

Case Study – Retail Revolution: In store delicatessen & bakeries were one of the major markets for wrinkle wall aluminium containers. But this has shrunk significantly over the last decade due to the introduction of alternative materials, which have virtually replaced aluminium. But this has necessitated stocking a variety of plastic containers for specific requirements ranging from heated products to refrigerated products.

Now an aluminium foil tray manufacturer has developed a solution as an alternative option to the various materials. The container is a two-sided,lacquered Smooth Wall Container with an inner surface which is thermosealable using peelable film - which can be used for refrigerating, freezing and heating both in traditional and microwave ovens. It is also it is suitable for acid and/or salted foods. The versatility of this solution has been immediately recognised by staff of In store Delicatessens & Bakeries. The containers, which come in six different sizes, cover any take-away needs. Another interesting factor is that the lacquered aluminium, even if more expensive than some of the plastic alternatives, is preferred by counter staff for its performance and lower storage impact behind the counter.

As a manufacturer of high-quality jams, Hero has been using aluminium containers for many years. The aluminium packaging provides a very good barrier to protect the jam and preserves the quality. This is because it fully protects the contents against light and air. In addition the beneficial colour retention and the preservation of the flavours and taste is optimized. Due to its good barrier properties, aluminium foil offers longer storage stability compared to other types of packaging. Aluminium is also a lightweight material and offers good handling throughout the total supply chain and production process. For example it offers savings of transport costs and storage space, being stackable. Other advantages include that it can be recycled, designed individually according to customer requirements and produced in different sizes and shapes.

Norma Valentinetti, Hero