Once produced, alufoil is completely sterile due to the high temperature annealing process. It is safe for use in contact with foodstuffs and it does not harbour or promote the growth of bacteria. Food lasts longer as well as retaining nutritional quality. Uncooked ingredients such as meat, poultry or fish are presented in ready-to-cook packs, hermetically sealed and protected with an inert gas to reduce oxidation and to extend shelf life. The consumer need not touch the raw product and the alufoil container acts as an effective, heat-conductive, cooking vessel.

Case Study – Safety First For Hospitals!: Ready to cook meat products can be transferred to hospital ovens without handling any raw ingredients – a basic rule of hygiene in these highly sterile environments. This lasagne product made for hospitals uses a multiportion smoothwall tray. A primary advantage of these large trays is that they offer much greater rigidity than an equivalent sized plastic tray, especially when removing them from an oven and for serving purposes. Of course these one-time use aluminium foil containers are fully recyclable – while offering the highest standards of hygiene and safe handling and are a very cost effective option too!