Heat Conductivity

No other container offers better heat conductivity than an alufoil container. Recent advances in design and coating technology have enabled container manufacturers to offer formats which can cook multi compartment meals at different temperatures, as well as ensuring ‘cook through’ for meat and fish at lower temperatures or achieved using less energy, or enabling quicker cooking times. Their tolerance to extremes of heat and cold is legendary and proven beyond doubt.

Case Study – So Hot, So Quick!: A multi-layer technology applied to aluminium trays and lids is able to reach temperatures well above 100°C very rapidly because it allows the pack to absorb and retain heat from a conventional oven or grill resulting in reduced cooking times of between 25 and 40% compared to conventional alufoil trays. The special coating enables infrared radiation to be transmitted in a highly efficient way into the food. The heat transmission per cm2 of the tray increases by up to 400%, allowing frozen food to jump over the ‘water-phase’ and go directly from frozen to baked. Energy costs concern everyone, but these containers can lead to reduced energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions.