Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Drinks

Modern packaging has allowed sensitive products such as coffee to be enjoyed in many different ways rather than just freshly ground at the coffeehouse. Choices of method are now many: whether from  a cafetière using ready ground beans, using ‘pods’ or capsules in one of the modern machines, or in the cup using singleportion sachets of freeze-dried ‘instant’. With every method alufoil plays animportant role.

For many years tea was mainly shipped in wooden ‘chests’ or boxes lined with aluminium foil for protection. Now aluminium foil plays a big part in retail packaging – bringing fresh, aromatic teas to the discerning public.

In addition other powdered or ‘instant’ drinks such as drinking chocolate are enjoyed in perfect condition despite a sometimes long storage period thanks to alufoil.

The availability of aluminium foil, which combines total barrier protection with flexibility, as well as attractive appearance and compatibility with other materials, is one of the keys to enabling consumer enjoyment of all types of coffees, teas and chocolate-based drinks.

Brand owners and retailers now offer coffees and teas for every occasion in both single-serve and family packs. In the workplace, in catering outlets and ‘on-the-move’ dispense points cover every moment. Preparation processes for instant coffees through to specialist varieties for cafetières, filter and espresso machines, plus single serve systems are adding to the multitude of consumer choices. This diversity, coupled with the need for product protection, has led to a large number of packaging alternatives featuring alufoil.

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Coffee / Tea
Stand-up pouches
Vacuum and modified atmosphere packs
Foil lined cartons
Single portion sachets
Alufoil ‘tea sticks’