Bakery and Other Oven-Cooked Products

Sales Appeal Combined with Production Efficiency

Consumers can rely on the dependability and versatility of alufoil food containers. They combine all the features needed to deliver the consumer fresh, wholesome and quickly accessed baked products to satisfy their demand for quality and value.

Bright and reflective, alufoil containers stay in perfect condition throughout processing and marketing. They can be embossed, colour lacquered or printed with brand identity and colours both inside and out.

Alufoil containers withstand the extremes of all types of cooking: grilling, fan and convection oven, barbecue griddle and microwave oven as well as re heating. They are easy to handle, easy to open, easy to use and to dispose of.

Adding even more versatility is a range of purpose designed lidding materials – from straightforward foil/board laminates to more sophisticated coated or laminated alufoil lids that can be sealed to the container rim yet peel off easily.

Foil’s characteristics satisfy the many demands of chilled or frozen bakery products. Thanks to its ready formability and robustness, aluminium foil can provide a large variety of standard shapes, sizes and smoothwall designs.

Oval, round, shallow or deep
Rectangular shapes for large items
Lidding choices
Compartmented trays
Presentation trays
Smoothwall dishes
Related uses