Facts about Aluminium Foil

Aluminum foil is a material which is indispensable in daily life, in the food industry, in packaging and in the pharmaceutical industry. Its characteristics and advantages are manifold. Did you already know the following facts about aluminum foil?

Aluminium foil guarantees quality by preventing the loss of valuable aromas.

1.5 gram of aluminium foil protects one litre of milk over months without cooling.

About 75 per cent of aluminium foil is used for packaging and household foil.

Aluminium foil saves far more resources than are consumed in its production throughout the supply and value chain.

Aluminium foil provides absolute barrier against moisture, light and oxygen, keeping the aromas inside.

14 billion sqm (14.000 km²) is used for flexible packaging. That corresponds to the area of Montenegro or one third of the Netherlands or five times Luxembourg.

Aluminium foil, commonly used in packaging and laminates, offers packaged goods with absolute barrier properties.

75 per cent of ever produced aluminium is still in use.

Around 860,000 t of aluminium foil is produced in Europe annually.

Aluminium foil protects contents against light, oxygen, moisture and contamination.

Approximately 75 per cent of European production is used for packaging and household foil and 25 per cent is used in technical applications.

Around 60 per cent of aluminium packaging in Europe is recycled.

The average aluminium foil consumption in Europe is over 26 sqm per capita.