Aluminium and Health

Detailed information on the effect of aluminium and products containing aluminium on the environment and health are available in the fact sheets by European Aluminium. The materials are updated at regular intervals. It is directly involved and through its international contacts following the latest scientific publication on health related aspects and updating its fact sheets when significant new data are available. Through the REACH legislation and the data needed for this a complete human health and environmental toxicity risk assessment for aluminium. Access the fact sheets here.

The International Aluminium Institute has issued information on the use of aluminium in several consumer products including packaging and cookware. It shows why aluminium is used, and reviews the scientific evidence that demonstrates aluminium is safe in these products. It includes some common misconceptions about aluminium, explaining how recent science has overturned these myths. The food section is accessible here.

Intensive testing by Nehring Consultants (commissioned by the European Aluminium Foil Association, EAFA) shows that aluminium release from aluminium foil trays are well within the recommendations of the Council of Europe. The series of tests on the aluminium release of real foods in plain aluminium foil container were done with 20 cooked meals from a regular menu using the "Cook & Chill" procedure. More details can be found in the study report.

Further information regarding the BfR position paper on the release of aluminium into acidic foods from uncoated aluminium containers when using the "Cook & Chill" procedure can be found here . (Click here for German version)

Currently, the labelling of uncoated aluminium products intended for contact with foodstuffs very much depends on the brand or private label owner and differs widely across Europe and beyond. Therefore, the manufacturers of aluminium household foil and aluminium foil containers decided to harmonize the labelling as described in these recommendations.

More connections between aluminium and health

These topics were provided by the GDA (Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie), whom we thank very much for sharing this information with us!
You can find even more information on their website: alles über Alu