Alufoil Trophy 2015: The winners


Innovation and creativity ‘alive and well’
in alufoil industry

Once again companies from every part of the aluminium foil industry have embraced the opportunity presented by the Alufoil Trophy. With the diversity of the 57 entries, covering a wide range of products across all the entry categories, the judges had a demanding task but finally selected 12 worthy winners.

The judges were led this year by Jean-Paul Duquet, global packaging eco design manager of Bel Group, who brought a wealth of experience in aluminium foil to the table, having had a long and distinguished background in the alufoil industry. He commented, “It is very refreshing to see so much creativity from the aluminium foil sector at a time when market conditions continue to be challenging. There are some fine examples of highly original concepts to open up new market opportunities or expand existing ones.”

“The ability to meet environmental and sustainability targets without losing any degree of performance or quality is very clearly demonstrated. In addition the technical innovations, to solve complex problems or meet difficult conditions, illustrate the talent available in the industry. Overall it is clear innovation and creativity are alive and well in the aluminium foil sector,” he added.

The competition is open to products which are either made from alufoil or contain alufoil as part of a laminate, structure or packaging system, as well as aluminium closures. Categories cover every aspect of alufoil usage across many diverse markets, particularly those for packaging and technical applications. The classifications are Consumer Convenience; Marketing + Design; Product Preservation; Resource Efficiency; and Technical Innovation. The judges also have discretion to award an Alufoil Trophy for products displaying excellence across a number of categories, or for an outstanding or clever application.


Consumer Convenience

Ampac Flexibles: Marinade Pouch “JANS Bio Marinade”
Di Mauro Flexible Packaging: TwistPack

Marketing + Design

Ampac Flexibles: Pull Tab T-Shirt Pouch
Guala Closures: TANQUERAY 10
Mechanotools – ICONT and Hydro Aluminium Slim: ICONT / 3D-Series trays

Product Preservation

Amcor Flexibles and Sandoz International: AirFluSal® Forspiro®

Resource Efficiency

Amcor Flexibles: Canseal Pro
Constantia Haendler & Natermann: Chang Beer

Technical Innovation

Amcor Flexibles: Stelvin® Inside
Constantia Flexibles: Aluminium foil < 5 µm
Guala Closures: Guala Closures Design Studio (GCDS) technologies

Cross-Category Award

Bayer Health Care and Berndt+Partner Creality: Aspirin Next Generation