Alufoil Trophy 2010: The winners


Alufoil sector accentuates the positive
And turns the mundane into the beautiful

Innovation and technical excellence is alive and well in alufoil sector as demonstrated by the winners of the Alufoil Trophy 2010.

Designed to echo the needs of direct customers and consumers five categories, covering Consumer Convenience, Design + Marketing, Product Preservation, Resource Efficiency, and Technical Innovation, were introduced for the first time by European Aluminium Foil Association for the Alufoil Trophy 2010.

The new format attracted some 64 entries with 13 winners, leading both the alufoil sector and judges to herald the 2010 awards a great success.

"Items that are seemingly mundane had been transformed into items of beauty through the use of some clever alufoil concepts including laminates and graphics, while entrants also used alufoil as a replacement for other materials to a very positive end," said head judge Terry Robins, technical and retail packaging consultant and former technical and packaging innovations manager of Sainsbury.

Judges were particularly impressed with the level of entrants' ingenuity which came from all parts of the alufoil sector to produce some great solutions for customers. "Long may the innovation within the aluminium foil market continue," concluded Robins.


Consumer Convenience

Bionostics: UniDose Glucose Meter Check Control
Huhtamaki Ronsberg: Laser-perforated Ice Cream Cone Sleeves for Nestlé Extreme

Marketing + Design

Carcano Antonio: Orion's mudguards
Plus Pack: Candlelight Sauce

Product Preservation

Amcor Flexibles Singen: Roche Diagnostic Accu-Chek mobile
Bionostics: UniDose Glucose Meter Check Control

Resource Efficiency

i2r Packaging Solutions: Marks and Spencer Oakham chicken trays
Nicholl Food Packaging: Micro-Rib light weight Aluminium trays
Wipf: Xirah Swiss Premium

Technical Innovation

Amcor Flexibles Kreuzlingen: sterile template for AMIC - Surgical Technique
Constantia Teich: Oval Philly Lid

Overall excellence

Advanced Packaging Supplier: Easybag Cooking®
Amcor Flexibles Sélestat: ALUTIN
Impress Metal Packaging: Easy Peel® 153